In the early fall of 1877 a group of men met at the home farm of Emanuel J. Diehl, later owned and occupied by a son Elias E. Diehl, in Friends Cove, Colerain Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania. This farm was located near the center of the cove, approximately one mile east of Charlesville, and about one-half mile north of the Twin Churches.

Whether by some unfortunate fire losses which had occurred in the community, or just by wise and prudent foresight, it was certain they had a very strong feelings about organizing and operating their own mutual fire insurance company. Thirty-five (35) subscribers were secured.

January 2, 1878, a charter was granted by the Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, John F. Hartranft, to the Friends Cove Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Company, Charlesville Pennsylvania.

April 9, 1878 – At the second regular meeting of the company, the following officers were chosen: President H.P. Diehl, Secretary Samuel Hunt, Deputy Treasurer Henry H. Koontz, General Agent John H. Cessna, and the following directors: William Cessna, Andrew J. Diehl, David Diehl, Emanuel J. Diehl, Nevin Diehl, S.P. Kegg, Josiah Ott, A. Mortimore, Daniel Pencil, Ephriam Robinson, Reuben Smith and Levi Whetstone.

May 17, 1878 – Special meeting called to adjust and record the first loss by fire. Several buildings of Leonard S. Tewell burned April 4, 1878. Total loss adjusted at $900.00. One-half of this amount to be paid at the end of six months and the rest within one year, with interest for the last six months.

October 8, 1878 – Was a most important meeting. There was a deficit of $27,200 insurance to be written by the end of the year in order to hold the charter. $200,000 being the amount required when the charter was given, to be obtained within the year. A building located in Charlesville, to be used as office, was rented from Adam F. Diehl at a cost of $10.00 per year. Mr. Diehl to furnish the company one load of wood. A stove costing $2.00 and a table costing $1.00 was purchased.

1953 – Installed an IBM service system (026 printing punch machine).
1956 – Charter broadened and title changed to Friends Cove Mutual Ins.Company.
1962 – Donald W. DeArment joined the company as an underwriter.
1963 – Contract for new building in Bedford was given to the Earlston Lumber Co.
1963 – Purchased a Thermo-Fax copy machine.
1963 – Donald W. DeArment was named General Manager and Underwriter.
1963 – Moved into new building in Bedford, Pennsylvania.
1971 – Donald W. DeArment was elected Secretary-Treasurer of the Company.
1974 – Donald W. DeArment was elected to the Board of Directors of P.A.M.I.C.
1983 – Installed claims on computer system.
1996 – Implemented in-house insurance processing software.
1998 – Joined millions on the World Wide Web.
2000 – Developed this web site for your information and enjoyment.